Art Commissions

Thanks for visiting! On this page you'll find my pricing sheet, the commission order form, and a list of terms and conditions (nothing serious, I drew them up just in case).

General price sheet

Click to view at larger sizes. The prices are just estimates, and not all commissions will fall within the given ranges. If you're worried about the price, just tell me your budget and I'll customise the drawing to fit!

Sketch (any subject)Coloured sketch (any subject)
$3 – $8$10 – $20
Painted characterPainted character with background
$15 – $50$40 – $100
Painted background with small characterPainted background
$30 – $80$20 – $70

To commission me, simply fill up this form.

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Terms and Conditions

Updated: 28/11/2016

  1. All prices are given in United States Dollars (USD).
  2. All prices are calculated from the estimated total time required, at an approximate rate of $15 per hour. I reserve the right to modify this rate without warning.
  3. All prices given in the price sheet and order form are guidelines. The price of a commission depends on its complexity, and not all commissions in a given style will have a price within the range given in the sheet and/or form.
  4. Any and all artwork will be produced only after payment has been confirmed. I'll share payment details after the price has been confirmed.
  5. The commission will be completed up to one month from the date of commissioning. An express fee of 20% the original commission price is payable for delivery on the same week.
  6. You are eligible for a full refund if the commission is cancelled by either party:
    1. less than 5 days after payment, or
    2. more than 3 months after payment.
  7. I will not draw, without exception:
    1. Pornography
    2. Gore
    3. Anything that might constitute a violation of the rights and dignity of any individual.
    This list is not exhaustive.
  8. The final product will be, unless special arrangements are made, a digital image document in the requested file format.
  9. You may print the finished piece for personal enjoyment. You may not, however, print it in mass, resell it, or use it for commercial purposes without express written permission.
  10. By partaking of my services, you agree to all terms and conditions stated or implied above. If any of these terms are breached, the commission may be cancelled.
  11. I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions on this list without warning. New terms and conditions only apply to commissions requested after changes have been made.

Refer to this page for more samples of my art.