Revolving Door

Twelve-year-old Duchess Orobelle of Wonderland always gets what she wants. This is why she finds herself at a loss as to what to do when a warrior named Liss takes her caretaker's niece hostage and demands her as ransom, threatening war if she does not.

Liss is no ordinary person: she is able to turn matter to energy with a touch. The only people capable of facing her, numbering seven, aren't exactly free to aid Orobelle right now: one of them is working as an anti-tank weapon in the increasingly attritive World War II; another is in the midst of completing his undergraduate studies.

Each one lives in a different universe.


Volume 1

1The Planes of SpaceAdelaide
3A Fish Out of WaterHong Yi
4Guiding Light - ButterflyAdelaide
5Guiding Light - SpiderwebAdelaide
6The TravellerPala
7Low-Pressure ThunderstormVesper
8The Brazen BullMarcia
?"The Brazen Bull Part 2"
?When Night Is Bright As Day
?"Low-Pressure Sequel"
?"California Summer"
?"London Rain"
?"The Recruits"
?"A Needle in a Haystack"

Volume 2

Volume 3