Art Commissions

Thanks for visiting! On this page you'll find my pricing sheet and a list of terms and conditions (nothing serious, I drew them up just in case).

General price sheet

I'm opening commissions for pocket money! 3 slots per week, >$30 = two slots! (Because I'm concurrently doing my master's degree, I can't work on more than 3 per week, thanks for your understanding!)

1. SerialSymphony
2. Open
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Prices (USD, per character unless specified):


Loose-lined sketches with no colour, or splashes of colour. Price variation is based on amount of detail!

Full body: $5 – $10
Sketch page: $10 - $20 / page*

* A sketch page can contain between 3 to 5 sketches of varying sizes (bust/half/full body).


No or minimal shading, includes basic gradients. Price variation based on amount of shading and level of detail.

Bust: $10 – $20
Half body: $12 – $25
Full body: $15 – $30


Extensive shading with clear edges. Gradients included, and option to include some soft shading, price variation based on amount of soft shading and detail level.

Bust: $20 – $35
Half body: $25 – $45
Full body: $30 – $55


Painting with attention to form, texture and material. Price variation is based on presence of lines and amount of detail!

Bust: $25 – $40
Half body: $30 – $55
Full body: $35 – $70


These prices are added to the base art price.

Custom design: $10 – $20

Price variation depends on detail level! Design examples:

Background: $15 – $30

How to commission me

PM me here, or email me at with a description and I'll send you a quote! You may adjust your commission or make as many enquiries as you like. I'm willing to work within budgets, so let me know if you have one :>

Once you are satisfied with the quoted price, send me your email address so I can drop you an invoice (payable either through Paypal or card). I’ll run a couple of process sketches by you, and then PM the complete drawing to you in up to a week's time!

Info to provide    


  • I generally do not consider any subjects off limits on the basis of difficulty, as long as you are able to provide references. Ferals, monsters, robots, mechs, I can handle them!
  • I will not draw explicitly sexual content (genitals, sexual acts), gore, pedophilia and incest in any form.
  • In rare cases I may refuse commissions because of time constraints.


  • Prices on the sheet are guidelines, and the actual prices may vary depending on the specific commission.
  • Pricing may change without warning. You pay the amount that is quoted to you and not the price given on the chart.
  • I may use the finished images to advertise my services.
  • No mass physical distribution or selling of prints of my work
  • No refunds, but if you're not satisfied, you may request for part or all of the image to be redone for no extra charge!
  • Payment is only accepted through a Paypal transfer or a bank card payment.

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