Interactive and web projects

I'm Amari, a web developer with a passion for browser-based interactive programming. I love creating novel browser-based interactivity and always eager to learn new skills (I am self-taught!). My Master's degree research project, The Spectral Carta, explores creative applications for JavaScript and HTML5 with GPS integration.

I have skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js and PHP. My work sees a wide and diverse userbase, with projects such as my Toyhouse code editor seeing 300 unique visitors a day.

Other bits and bobs

Procedural name generatorText adventure engine (WIP)Palette GeneratorSignal Flag NameDangan Ronpa Textbox MakerAll Big Cities Look The SameThat awful camel gameTournament Bracket GeneratorConstellation PainterKaleidoscopeRandom starfieldPetalsHomestuck Genealogy ProjectFantasy Name Generator