Interactive projects


Two travellers sail towards the edge of the world. An interactive comic with two endings (?).

The Spectral Carta

Help the ghosts of Brisbane find peace. A GPS game with a virtual walkaround version.


A scifi horror browser game.

Glitchwave Cam

Take pixelated, colour-distorted photos through your webcam.

Smite a Skeleton

A whack-a-mole game inspired by our D&D campaign.


Place cities on these procedurally generated islands and watch them grow (or die).


A small AR mobile game where you position the spawn point and exit with markers, so that your goldfish can collect coins without being eaten by the lurking piranha. Made in one week.

Nocturna prototype

Play as one of three magical beings. Search for the treasure and avoid shadow cubes.

Petri Dish

Watch things grow procedurally. Has a glow mode!

Procedural name generator

Generate virtually infinite names based on source name lists.

Other bits and bobs

Toyhouse code editorText adventure engine (WIP)Palette GeneratorDangan Ronpa Textbox MakerAll Big Cities Look The SameThat awful camel gameTournament Bracket GeneratorConstellation PainterKaleidoscopeRandom starfieldPetalsHomestuck Genealogy ProjectFantasy Name Generator