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A cover image for Offshore, featuring two characters floating in the air towards the top left of the image, over ocean waves and seafoam. A race yacht's sail rises in the background.

“It's all about the recovery! Remember, no race goes flawlessly. If we wanted flawless we’d be running tour boats. Champs take the trophy after huge mistakes all the time." She slapped them both on the backs. “It’s what you do in the moments after you realise things are going to shit that define you as a sailor.”

“Yeah, and we’re not even qualifying if that happens tomorrow,” muttered Jinai.

Celeb sailor Jinai's life was struck by a series of personal tragedies last year. Since then, she's decided to quit the sport, after one final race. Her teammate Anqien was hired to replace a disgraced member, and has long been plagued by fears that they'll never match Jinai, or her towering expectations. Crewing a yacht named the Cloudlander, this disastrous duo will make one last attempt at winning the biggest offshore race in the business after years of falling short—all while their mutual anxieties and unacknowledged romantic feelings threaten to upend them.

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