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Of the Dragon, of the Stars

Victoria Island has lived a decade under the rule of King Caleix. With his vast military force, he has established an ironclad regime on this island that no one has dared attempt to bring down in the last decade.

On the run after her flight from slavery, Ralinn hears the Goddess' voice in a dream, calling the young Huntress to recruit ten heroes from around the world and end Caleix's reign with them. Believing it her responsibility and desperate to atone for three years of service in his castle, Ralinn decides to take up the call.

The story then follows the lives of each of the ten as they move about the country on their own personal quests, paths crossing and diverging till eventually they meet Ralinn and join her guild.

Completed in 2014, this is a tale of tyranny, revolution and the impending end of the world, following the exploits of the ten people at its heart, each of whom brings demons from the past that they must help each other defeat.